Neighborhood Announcements

September 19, 9am -2pm: The Gateway Emergency Preparedness Exhibit Center (Hiller Drive at Tunnel Rd and Caldecott Ln) to become a showcase demonstrating defensible space around a home and drought tolerant plant garden potential.

--- We need you --- It takes a village! Grow our community! ---

Come for coffee/tea and bagels.  Stay and help: Prune, Pluck and Plant. Tools provided. Wear gardening clothes, gloves, hat, sun block.

Learn about 3 fire protection zones around your house, which drought tolerant plants will flourish and look good.  

Orchard Supply Hardware on Ashby Ave has volunteered to help with the Community work day. Additional sponsors: Oakland Firesafe Committee and Oakland Landscape Comm.

September 21 – The monthly NHCA Board Meeting will be held on Monday, September 21, 7:00 – 9:00 pm. This month's board meeting will be held at the Claremont Hotel, Cabernet Room-mezzanine level.

November 19 – The quarterly Public Safety Committee Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 19, 7:00 – 9:00 pm at the Claremont Hotel, Cabernet Room-mezzanine level.

Recent News

August 21 - Science in the news; "Forest health and global change"

Abstract: Humans rely on healthy forests to supply energy, building materials, and food and to provide services such as storing carbon, hosting biodiversity, and regulating climate. Defining forest health integrates utilitarian and ecosystem measures of forest condition and function, implemented across a range of spatial scales. Although native forests are adapted to some level of disturbance, all forests now face novel stresses in the form of climate change, air pollution, and invasive pests...


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North Hills Community Newsletter has been mailed!

Articles include:
* Oakland Caldecott Settlement
* Public Safety Committee Chair Report
* Know Your Representative
* To Bee or Not to Bee
* NHCA Hero: Gordon Seligson
* Merriewood Little Free Library.
and more...
If you'd like to read it now, use this link to the August 15 Newsletter

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